Production of one off garments is Alt Üst’s main premise. These unique products also act as a playground for Alt Üst to explore new methods of making and experimenting with textiles. These are made from second-hand clothing items and found textile materials by upcycling them. 

While designing these garments Alt Üst adopts a hide-nothing approach showcasing the stories, defects, and details from the garments’ past selves while aiming for a high level of craftsmanship and originality of ideas. We release two collections per year with each being accompanied by its own presentation.


Apart from our one-off pieces, we are designing made to order pieces. We are reproducing the same design with a similar material. This new method, which is not exactly ‘traditional’ ready to wear, offers common playground for both parties with the intermediate spaces it creates.

It also allows us to have more control on our waste management while offering a new playground to our customers as well.

After your made to order purchase, you will receive an e-mail about the materials and further details about the process.


We are producing ready to wear pieces with surplus and dead-stock fabrics to create cost efficient product line. The same zero-waste approach applies here as well. We collect our waste during the process and turn them into our scrap wear line. These products usually feature imagery related to the corresponding collection’s concept.